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(Archived) Tablet PC and Win7 user feedback

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After a few days trying Evernote on my computer, I feel the need to group the needs I identified in the same place.

I'm using a Tablet PC (Thinkpad X61T) running Windows 7 RC 7100.

Here is what I feel like missing for my specific Tablet PC use:

- Capability to manualy (Ink) annotate everything (Text mode note, picture, HTML article...), and note only while clipping and using Toggle Drawing Mode.

- Introduction of an highlighter tool (color transparency) to quickly highlight an article, a document file...

- More buttons (eventually configurable) for tablet pc user who don't have access to a keyboard:

¤ Instant access to options tablet PC users may often use (Toggle Drawing...)

¤ "Hold" button similar to maintaining "Shift" key for multiple selection

- The auto-scrolling of the note when moving a selection further than the actual frame (e.g., moving a paragraph from the begining to the end of the note using the selector tool)

- When my cursor approches from the function buttons (top of the note), it switches from "pen" to "arrow" to early (in the middle of the first line). When I want to write on the top first line, I have to start every letter from the bottom, otherwise nothing is written down.

- Password protection for the different notebooks: I'd like to protect my personal notes when using my PC at work, and protect my work's confidentallity when I'm not at my office.

(- Local and secured auto-backup function for Notebooks I don't synchronize. For personal notes, it's fine. But for a professional use, I'd like to be sure I won't loose my work, without any online synchronization because of confidentiality issues. It depends if Evernote is targetting professionals too.)

- [Add] Why does the lines disappear when using the whiter tool? In my opinion, they shouldn't...

I will add more observations if I identify other needs. Except these remarks, I really appreciate this application: it has replaced my paper notepad much to my delight. And if I'm mistaken, do not hesitate to explain why!

Good bye.

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