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(Archived) Evernote Tips and Hacks - Managing Wishlists using Evernote

Sugeeth Krish

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Typically, we add things to our wishlists, only if we are currently not in a position to get them. So, here are some tips to manage your wishlists using Evernote.

  1. Create a Notebook called ‘Wishlists Notebook’ in Evernote.
  2. Using the webclipper, clip the webpage of a desirable commodity. This can come in handy to compare prices, at a later date.
  3. Pin an individual note to a later reminder , say a month or a definite period of time.
  4. After a month or fixed period of time, Evernote will remind you through email.
  5. Now, check the price of the commodity, now. You can see if prices have increased or decreased. You can also see, if newer and better alternatives of the same product are available.
  6. Add the details of alternative products. This can work great, if you are looking to purchase commodities like mobile phones.
  7. If your looking for some Christmas or new year deals, pin the reminder date of the note to a few days before Christmas.
  8. Purchase the commodity when the price is perfect for you.
  9. Additional tip : Share this notebook with your friends, family members or better halves, and you might land yourself some of your favorite wish gifts for your birthday.


Link to this post - http://evernoteforadd.wordpress.com/evernote-tips-and-hacks-3/managing-your-wishlists-using-evernote/


For more Evernote Tips and Hacks, visit my blog - http://evernoteforadd.wordpress.com

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