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Request 3 Features (Sidebar Highlight / Focus Notebook Feature / Strikethrough Icon)

Matt M


Big fan but I have 3 features to request in any order, but preferably fast....   ;-)


1. In the sidebar, please highlight the current notebook I am currently working on / have selected.


2. Add a FOCUS option - (Similar to OmniFocus) for times when I just want to concentrate and focus on one notebook in particular and want to hide all the rest- I would like to have the option of hiding all of my other notebooks for a while to only "focus" on that particular notebook.  (I think I just repeated myself).


3. Add a strikethrough icon to the font options when working in the note.  Highlighter was a great addition.  (currently you have font / size / bold / italics / underline - etc, etc.


4.  Just thought of a 4th bonus one:  A few highlighter color choices.  Im cool with red and blue or whatever you choose.



Keep up the good work.


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