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Feature Suggestion: Category-Based Tag Prompting

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I've been happily using Evernote for some time now and I heavily depend on the tagging feature to organize notes based on context. I require each note to have some form of context-based tag, and these various contexts are repeated each time I make a note (location the action will take place, time required, energy level required).


It is tedious for me to enter the context tags by typing (despite the autocomplete). What I'd like to see is:


Upon closing a newly created note, I would like Evernote to ask me for the location-based tag, the action-based tag, and the time-based tag (and allow me to simply click on my custom tags in each category). Essentially I'd like to group my tags and have each note prompt me for a tag from each category. 


I understand this feature may not benefit all people, so perhaps it could be an option that can be toggled on and off (prompt for categorized tags upon closing... yes/no).


Thanks for a great product!

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