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(Archived) Printing a list of note titles

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I second this.

I run EN on a Mac at home and Windows at work. I've seen Heather's work-around to change the printing template (EN Forum Post) but it seems like a very user-unfriendly (albeit powerful) solution to what should be a simple problem:

There should be an easy way, from within all of the various Evernote clients, to print out (and for that matter, both email and export) a list of the currently-filtered notes, with the currently selected column layout (including tags—that's right, I'm looking at you, Mac client!), using the current sort criteria.

If no notes are selected (not currently possible in the Mac client, as far as I can tell), print the current list. If there are notes selected, only print those.

It could be implemented as a separate "Print Note List…" menu item (would make it easy to give it a hot-key), or as an option from within the print dialog. ("Print Note List Only").

I absolutely love Evernote. I rely on it every day, all day, to Get Things Done (woohoo!). This is a feature that I am more in need of with every new way I find to use it.

Please add this!

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