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Searching for the perfect iOS photo-organizing app


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Hi! I tested so many apps but I can't find the right one for me.. First of all, my problem: I keep taking tons of pictures on the go to remember stuff, but because no photo capturing app with Evernote integration is fast enough or even has the necessary features, they alle end up in the iOS camera roll. Then they get synced across all my devices into Photostream and when I finally get to importing them into Evernote and deleting them from my iPhone, they still remain in my Photostream until I have time to manually check and delete which are already in Evernote and which aren't. 

So what I have in my mind is a separate app in which I can take those pictures which should end up in Evernote. They don't even get to the camera roll. Then later organize them by cropping, combining then into groups/folders and finally creating new Evernote notes with multiple pictures with title, tags an maybe some text.

The ultimate features would be adjusting the jpeg compression ratio and resolution, and retaining the GPS coordinates!

An alternative would be all of the above but without the Evernote part. Just the possibility to easily get them to my mac and do the rest there.


Hopefully someone has some tips, many thanks in advance!



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