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Vuescan Directly To Evernote


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I recently decided to try to organize my life (I'm the worst at it) and decided to get a Canon multi-function laser printer with a document feeder and scan all my documents into Evernote.  I've been using Evernote for a while now but am ready to take that next step and heavily intertwine my life with it on a daily basis.


The Canon came with software called MF Toolbox that let's me scan a document as a PDF and then gives me the option to "send" it directly to Evernote.  Very handy but the scanning capabilities of the software are fairly vanilla and with the document loader and the state of some of my documents, scan skew (crookedness) is a real problem.


I decided to search for a better solution and landed on the VueScan software, which has an autoskew (as well as manual adjustment) option in their Professional version.  Unfortunately, I'm not seeing a way to send my scans directly into Evernote...it would appear to require that additional step of opening the scan directory and dragging it to Evernote.  


Undeniably a 1st world problem, if indeed that is a limitation, but I'm not so certain I'm just not missing something.


Is anyone using VueScan to scan into Evernote and do you have any tricks to simplify the process you'd be willing to share?


NOTE: I noticed that the VueScan Mobile app claims to be able to scan from wireless scanners (mine is wireless) directly into Evernote,  Not sure if the functionality isn't in the desktop version or just hiding from me.

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Ok, I found a work around by doing some additional Googling and forum reading.


All my scans from VueScan drop in a specific folder, I created a notebook in Evernote called Import and set VueScan's "scan" folder as an Import Folder in Evernote (Tools -> Import Folders...) set to import into the Import notebook.  Now when I scan, they automatically pop-up in Evernote.  Not precisely what I was looking for but is working quite well.


Still would be interested in alternate solutions but I'm more than content with this one.

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