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Suggestion - background of encrypted notes on ios

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The encryption feature for text within notes is great but I'd like to make two suggestions to improve it on both PC and iOS.


On the PC (and other platforms I imagine) there seems to be no way to change the encryption passphrase on text already entered and encrypted.  The iPhone has a way of removing encryption but there doesn't seem to be an easy way of doing the same on the PC app.  Can we have an option to 'remove encryption' if you highlight either the text or some of it?


A bigger bugbear is that in iOS, encrypted text, which is actually black, is shown in grey with a light green background, making it very hard to read.  Could we have another way of showing that text is encrypted, either in the settings, or instead of the light green background.   The way of surrounding text with a box as on the PC is better, or how about a green vertical line to the left of the text with a padlock symbol?  And certainly please keep black text black. 


Otherwise, thanks for a great app.

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