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Time and date stamp on emailed notes



When i email a note to a client, is there a way to date and time stamp the note in the history tab to show where i sent it and the time etc? In my recruiting business this is a must have so I know when and to whom I sent a resume. This one feature is a huge deal in my full adoption of this program for my candidate data base and interview note taking…….Best productivity app ever.


Any work around suggestions?  





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I'm not sure what you mean by history tab.  Are you talking about the info panel?


With AppleScript, it's certainly possible to set the creation and modification timestamps, and set the author.  But, it sounds like what you need is a log.  Precisely what kind of log you need will need some elaboration, but it's certainly possible to append some programmed text to a note, such as the current time and the email address of the currently selected Mail message.  You can go one step further and automatically write to a "log" note with a link to the currently selected Evernote note and information from the currently selected Mail message.


So, if you can be a little more specific I might be able to help.  If you've got a hand for AppleScript, you can do it yourself.  There are also some pre-made solutions that might be close enough to what you need.

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