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Newbie academic questions

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Hi All,


I'm new to Evernote.  I have started using it on an iPad mini to take notes during talks.  I have a few questions:


1.  In addition to my notetaking, I like being able to photograph a juicy slide if there's a lot of information, rather than scribbling it down.  But I notice the evernote camera app is a lot less robust than the iPad's if I'm in an imperfect position or the light is bad.  Do people just switch back and forth all the time?


2.  Relatedly, once I take a picture, I find it fussy to get the keyboard back up and to a line under the photo.  Right now I click on the text above the photo and then tap the photo a couple times, and sometimes I get to the line under the photo.  What's the proper sequence of touches to do this?


3.  Often in talks I'll hear citations from people.  Is there an easy way to tag these inside the note and then scrape them into a meta-note of "stuff to read"?  I realize I could do this manually, but I'm one of those people coming to Evernote because I don't like to spend a lot of time organizing stuff, rather than the type of person who comes to Everynote because they like organizing their stuff.



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