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Evernote / Nook HD+: anoting Pdfs?


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Hi there! 


I have a Nook HD+ mainly to read pdf and anote them: highlighting stuffs, and little notes / comments / ideas here and there. 


So far I have been using Ezpdf reader, which is ok, but (and this is a big but), changes made to the PDF are not saved outside the copy used on the the nook: so that everytime I import the anoted pdf into my Macbook, I get a clean version of the pdf which is not what I want, I want to have a copy in my computer of the pdf including my highlights and notes. 


I was wondering if Evernote could work as a tool to 'read' the pdf and anote it. I was hoping someone could recommend how to maximize its use in that sense. I have tried the pdf reader that goes with the prenium option and was really not convinced: seemed to me an opposite of functional and intuitive... 


Otherwise, any recommendation of an app you may have been using and fall in complete love with? (And that would be compatible Nook / Mac)? 


Thanks in advance!

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