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So here's the deal...I'm looking to do away with my steno pads and keep notes digitally.  I type well enough to type emails, compose documents, bulletin board posts, etc.but don't type well enough to listen/take notes and type simultaneously.  I have relatively neat print from spending time drafting early in my career so want to use handwriting recognition.  Am considering taking the digital plunge but am lost b/t onenote (used on the company network and allegedly possessing poor handwriting integration) and evernote.  I have multiple goals:


  1. eliminate paper;
  2. use handwriting recognition;
  3. most notes will be records of telephone conversations and meeting minutes that will be shared occasionally;
  4. upload notes to sharepoint where our project files reside;
  5. be able to search notes for names, dates, keywords, etc.
  6. flexible on platform; apple or android.
  7. While I might use a tablet for things other than note taking, I'm still carrying a laptop as I deal with a fair amount of financial analysis & legal documentation which thus far hasn't translated well to a tablet so I expect the tablet to be primarily used for taking and storing/sharing notes.



  • what's the most appropriate tablet for the use described above?
  • What's the most appropriate suite of software for note taking as described above?
  • Is there a way to integrate evernote and its related software with onenote?
  • Anything else I should be considering as I undertake the transition?




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