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(Archived) iOS7 EN Versions and Voice Notes


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I just moved to iOS7 on my phone and I have noticed the new Evernote client saves audio in a much larger m4a file.  I am wondering if there is any way around this to go back to the old wav files.  The new files are roughly 40kb/s so around 2.4MB/minute which is just killer, both for my upload quota and device storage.  The old wav was only around 10kb/s or less with a level of quality completely appropriate for recording voice.  As of now this issue completely breaks my usage model for Evernote.  I am wondering if there is a way around this and if a choice can be offered in the future.  Prior to posting this I was looking trough some other threads on the topic and it seems like some people were clamoring for higher quality recording as musicians who wanted to jot down musical ideas.  Why can't the recording quality be presented as a choice?

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