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(Archived) REQUEST: A way to mark/umark checkboxes using the keyboard

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I tend to use a lot of checkboxes in my notes to create To-do lists. The Cmd+Shift+T (Mac) and Ctrl+Shift+C (Windows) shortcuts in the desktop versions of Evernote make it very convenient to add checkboxes using only the keyboard. However, actually checking or unchecking them off requires shifting over to the mouse or trackpad - which adds quite a bit of work, particularly if your text entry cursor is already on the checkbox. It would be really nice if there was a simple way to mark/unmark checkboxes using only the keyboard.


I can imagine a couple of really simple solutions to this:

- When the text entry cursor is next to a checkbox or a checkbox is selected (e.g. by using 'shift' + arrow keys), use 'enter', 'space', 'x' or some other common key to check/uncheck the box

- Provide a keyboard shortcut for entering a pre-checked checkbox (maybe Cmd+Shift+Alt+C). Then, at least checking a box would be as simple as selecting it ('shift'+arrow) and replacing it (2 keyboard commands, but still faster than moving over to the mouse or trackpad).

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