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(Archived) Editing on iOS: ipad- Tag button and Space Issue


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Thank you for Evernote.

A few for the wish list.


1.In my field, documents are big and long, and as I read, i feel the need to add more tags for later reference. Currently if I want to add a NEW TAG while editing, I have to interrupt my reading on the iPad (often coming out of edit mode) and go all the way up to put a new tag in which is not at all time efficient, and is dis-incentivising.  

Suggestion: The option to add a tag from the top bar, while reading on iPad, without having to scroll all the way back up would be very useful. This could be add tag option next to the reminder button, or within one of the buttons as a drop down.

In this context, while editing, the note often jumps to the top, autoscrolling if you may, which is particularly prominent if the finger strays outwards to the white areas. 
2. Secondly on ipad, when editing a document the screen is not being fully utilised and space is minimal due to the snippet window on the left, and the typing pad at the bottom. (see attached)
Suggestion: Having the ability to hide the left sided bar (if in snippet view) would be great as it would provide more space to zoom into the document. 
3. Is there going to be some colour choices for mark up of documents? Not critical but enhances the mark up experience! Access to the highlight tool in the context sensitive popup would be useful. Currently only the bold/italicise/underline is available in there. 
Thank you for considering 
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