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Unioncy - a visual catalog of your products synced with Evernote


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I’m a fan of Evernote and use it for everything from organizing notes to saving web clippings. One major use has been to store all of my product receipts (both scanned directly into Evernote and saved online receipts) that I want to keep for future reference. I find it easy to upload receipts (mostly large purchases like electronics and major appliances) and also like the receipt search functionality, but like most documents stored inside a folder structure, it has a big limitation. It’s impossible to spread all receipts in one view and get an overview of all of your products and use the information from inside the receipts (warranty dates, etc) proactively. So when I want to check my catalog of products and use the information from inside the receipts, I find myself missing the ‘index card’ view (think Pinterest’s boards) with all product information in one place.


In an attempt to solve the above, we’ve developed a web application called Unioncy. In short, Unioncy is an appliance management platform that automatically builds a catalog of your purchases and stores all product documentation and information (manuals, receipts, purchase details, serial no., etc.) in one place in the cloud. On top of the catalog, sits a helpful set of features, like warranty and product recall tracking. We're now very excited about an integration with Evernote to offer a simple way to get more out of the receipts that we like to store in Evernote and automatically turn them into digital “product cards”.


We’ve released an early version of Unioncy and we recognize that we are far from perfect, so it would be great to hear some feedback in order to try and shape the product in a way that the Evernote community finds useful. Also, any thoughts on how you would like to see the integration work between Unioncy and Evernote would be much appreciated.


You can now create a beta account on http://www.unioncy.com/ to see how it works.


If you would like to privately share feedback please email me at victor@unioncy.com





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