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(Archived) Evernote missing notes on mac



Hi, I have browsed most discussions here related to missing notes. I tried to follow instructions to uninstall/reinstall EN, as well as to wipe local EN data store. None seemed to have worked.


Here's the story.


I have EN the free version installed on my mac (Mac air 2013, Mavericks), two windows 7 computers, an android 4.2 phone and and iPad 2 running iOS6. I almost exclusively use the mac to edit and review notes, and very occasionally I would use one windows 7 PC to do some light editing and mostly viewing. I almost never use mobile devices to do editing. Currently I have about 30+ notes in 5 notebooks.


About a week ago, my mac EN started crashing often as soon as my mac came out of sleep mode. It was running a rather recent 5.x.x version. So I got around the crashing by making sure I always exiting EN (cmd-Q) before I close the lid on the mac and relaunch it when I open the lid.


Yesterday, when I was editing two study notes, I noticed shortly after I reviewed some other notes, the two notes disappeared from the mac EN. I frantically tried to exit and relaunch to no avail. Then I followed what I can find here related to missing notes and attempted to wipe


~/Library/Application Support/Evernote






Then I tried to remove EN and reinstall the latest 5.4.3 before resync. None of these steps worked for me. I ended up losing two study notes out of the 12 notes in this particular notebook. 


Wanted to point out I still have all the notes on the EN web, the one windows 7 PC EN, and on the android phone. So I guess the integrity problem is local to my mac.


Please let me know what other information I should post and how I can get the missing notes back to the mac. 


Thank you!

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Found a solution. The fix/work-around was actually straightforward. Since I didn't lose notes on other devices or on the web, I simply had to make an update (add a word to the content) on the two notes from my windows EN and sync it from the mac. They re-appeared after that..

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