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(Archived) Feature Request: Table of Contents for merged notes

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This could be a very cool feature. I love being able to merge a dozen similar notes or PDFs into one using the Mac desktop app. If the merged note had an auto-generated table of contents on its cover page, that'd be really useful. It could use the title of each note, of course, to generate the content listing. And maybe it could be clickable, to take you right to the appropriate note (sub-note) within. This would encourage people to merge notes more, and to get more organized and to reduce clutter and to reduce the total number of notes. People would be more inclined to merge recipes of the same type, or similar web articles (for instance, all health articles, or all personal finance articles), and would find the merge feature to be much more useful with a table of contents that allowed for easier browsing of articles/recipes/notes/etc.

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