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(Archived) Finally pinpointed annoying reminder bug in Windows desktop client


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After extensive testing this morning with a triple setup of windows client, web version and iOS version I've finally managed to find one of the annoying bugs that is causing my reminder searches to fail. My apologies if this is known behaviour, but I have not found any such evidence when looking around.


The bug is that the windows version cannot correctly "clear reminders". The effect when clearing a reminder on the windows client is exactly the same as completing the reminder, ie it gets a "reminderdonetime" and still keeps its "reminderorder". This of course means that all searches with those two parameters will yield an erroneous result when there are cleared reminders.


This conclusion is based on the (in my opinion expected) behaviour of web and ios, where "clear reminder" really clears everything about that reminder (and does not set a "reminderdonetime").


One odd thing about this is that this behaviour does not seem to sync to the other platforms. A "cleared" reminder on windows that is misbehaving there will still be synced and picked up as a correctly cleared reminder on the other platforms.


I've tested this on the latest stable build as well as on the latest beta ( with identical results.





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Like yourself, I use saved search reminder queries and yes, there are issues with it's functionality. Just today, I added a fresh note with an active reminder (i.e. it's never been marked as done) and this note is appearing in the reminderDoneTime:* search. It's not an issue (and no reminder issue has ever been) on the web, Android, or iOS. I have submitted a ticket to Evernote about it and I definitely encourage you to do the same. My Evernote version is

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