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(Archived) Applescript to add new note link at cursor

Michael Crouch


I've been trying to write an applescript to add a link to a new note at the current cursor position.  I've gotten the applescript to create a new note and add a link at the *end* of the current note, but I can't figure out how Evernote deals with cursor position.  I'm pretty new at applescript, so any advice would be appreciated.

on run	tell application "Evernote"		set new_note to create note title "NEW NOTE" with text ""		tell new_note			set the_link to the note link			repeat while the_link is missing value				synchronize				delay 1				set the_link to note link			end repeat		end tell		tell front window			tell item 1 of (get selected notes)				append html "<a href=" & the_link & ">new link</a>"			end tell		end tell		open note window with new_note	end tellend run
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