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(Archived) Unable to view entire documents


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In both my iOS and web versions I am unable to view the entire document I typed into Evernote. These are notes for business, so I need to have complete access to them. I can only access/print/email the first page. This happen after I did the last update. 


In an unrelated/possibly related issue, Evernote has froze up on my iPad (again after the last update). I am unable to access anything on the evernote app. It does open, but does not sync or anything else.


Thanks in advance. I am very frustrated with these issues.

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When you either click in the document or over your mouse over the document, at the top, a navigation pane should appear with arrows and a page number/n pages.  You can't scroll down anymore, you have to click the navigation arrows.  Pretty frustrating considering Evernote for iOS 7 has an amazing interface and they can't use the gesture based controlling....

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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