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(Archived) "paste" popup sensitivity is linked to "disappearing writing" bug


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there are two bugs that people have been noting, which I am sure are related:

I wanted to start a new topic so that Evernote will notice the relation between these two issues.

as i'm writing (i write about the height of one or two of the small grid squares), letters will disappear as soon as i write them. this happens whether my wrist is on the ipad or not.

almost 100% sure this has to do with the increased sensitivity of the "paste" button popping up, because when something is in the clipboard, the writing disappears when the paste popup appears. however, if there is nothing in the clipboard, there is no popup, but the writing still disappears.

I think that (at least with me) since the writing that is disappearing is usually when I'm writing in a small space, and not a line (unless it's very slowly), the app thinks I'm holding my stylus in place and responds with the action to display or not display the paste popup. if Evernote adjusts/fixes the paste sensitivity, it will fix this, I'm sure.

ipad 3, ios 7, latest penultimate update as of 10/29/13

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Yep, this is happening to me as well. I cannot even write one word without "paste" popping up. When there is nothing in the clipboard I experience the same disappearance while writing. 



I just received my Jot Script today and was very annoyed that I have to yet wait for another update before I can utilize this technology in my workflow. The whole idea of a fin point stylus is to be able to write in smaller spaces, which is impossible in Penultimate. The stylus works very well with several apps which do not even utilize the Script SDK (such as Noteshelf). I am looking forward to penultimate getting on board, or Evernote seeking a new developer to partner with. 

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I'm having the same experience. You start writing with the Jot Script Evernote in Penultimate and then the writing just disappears. Palm is not on the screen or anything. The same thing is happening with the Jot Script with the disc at the end of the stylus. Maybe there's a setting or something I'm missing......

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I contacted Evernote's help desk. The person I spoke with couldn't figure it out and escalated it to someone else. I took a video of it happening. The writing just disappears as you write--palm off screen and everything. But when I use the Jot stylus with other noting taking apps, no problemo. Time to call Orkin, maybe! :) 

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