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(Archived) Help with the way EN opens a new note


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Evernote was working fine until about an hour ago.  I had been copying and pasting some material from a website.  The attachment " En regular note.png" is an example of how my layout originally appeared.  "EN short note 1.png" is an example of how the new note appears once pasted.  "EN short note.png" shows how it looks as I scroll down.  Originally, the new note screen occupied the entire height of the right side of the screen as illustrated in "EN regular note.png".  All of a sudden, it will only display about 2 inches of the note and that from the top of the new note area, as illustrated in "EN short note 1.png" and "EN short note.png".  I can paste long notes in there, but the only thing that shows is about the first 7-9 lines.  Then, I can scroll on down but it does not get to where it shows larger portions of the note at the same time as it formerly did with other notes.



Any suggestions?




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