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(Archived) Formatting Issues


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I'm having real problems with formatting in EN - its fine if I start a note from scratch in it but if I cut and paste from, for example word or an email or other text document, it's uncontrollable.


If i go in to edit a document that I've cut and paste into EN, pressing return starts a new line indented and no amount of jiggling about will get it to align with the original text


I cant get numbered lists to work - even trying to renumber within EN seems impossible as sometimes pressing return will get a new numbered list, add to the list as required and sometimes it doesnt.


On the ipad version if i try to add to text pressing return from the pasted text, the font changes randomly from whatever is cut n paste in, usually arial, to some kind of times font much larger, and maybe I'm a bit dim but I cant see where to fix this on ipad or phone.


I'm not a premium user but was considering it before these problems surfaced. I dont remember if they were there before the ios7 updates but theyre certainly there since and its really putting me off upgrading.


I already had the scary loss of all my notes within the app which mysteriously returned within an hour and were always available online - but had they not been i'd have been stuck.


I'm also getting nervous about using EN for my lecture notes now as I worry I will lose them all at a most inopportune moment.


So yeah long winded way of saying does anyone have any fixes for the formatting problems?


Are there any external back up apps that I can send my notes to incase EN decides to go flakey and lose them again? Failing that is there a more reliable notetaking app similar in functionality to evernote ?

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