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(Archived) Undo and Lists


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Im using the windows version of evernote 5.02.1392


1. When copying and pasting bullet and numbered lists, evernote frequently messes the indention unless I paste in a particular way from another bulleted list.  There is no good way of fixing the formatting if i don't paste it in the correct way.  When using blogger.com, i can actually edit the HTML to fix incorrectly indented lists easily, but I have no way of doing this with evernote.  It is really annoying.  


2.  The undo functionality in evernote sometimes does not work.  

For example, when in the "List" view.  If I highlight text with my mouse and then move the highlighted text, i cannot undo that operation.  I think evernote sometimes loses focus of the current note, and all the changes are lost.  It's like I have just opened a the note.  This is a big problem for me because I dont intentionally want to highlight and move text ever, but sometimes it happens by accident and now there is no way to undo it.



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