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I am interested in using Evernote as a study tool and I have come up with a powerful way to do it...but I don't know how.

Lets say I create a notebook stack and fill it with notebooks for my different subjects.

Inside each of these notebooks I create notes for the different chapters. 

The notes themselves can contain the material. I have it so there is a heading for a subtopic and underneath it I create text for an explanation


My question is this - is there a way to click on the heading and the explanation appears, click on it again and it is hidden?

This would be very similar to how windows has it's folders layered - you right click on start and explore, in the left panel you click on the item you wish and what is contained within that folder drops down and appears. 


Many thanks in advance if this is possible - I think it would be very powerful for your product if does not already contain this feature.

Sorry I am new to forums and not sure how to search them to see if this has been asked before.


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