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(Archived) Not all notes sync'ing to Evernote iOS


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I have an Evernote account and use Evernote on OS X.


I have a bunch of notes, lets say 60 odd. All these notes show up correctly in the OS X Evernote client and on evernote.com


HOW EVER, only 5 of my notes are sync'ing to Evernote on my iOS device.


I have tried deleting the iOS app, clearing cache, logging in & out, and still no joy.


For what ever reason, my iOS Evernote app just does not sync all my notes across. It used to sync all perfectly, but i believe since upgrading to the iOS 7 version of Evernote, this has started happening.



Funnily enough, it lists all 33 NOTEBOOKS in my iOS Evernote app, but every notebook is empty except a couple that have the 5 notes that do show.


Any ideas, suggestions would be appreciated.

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