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(Archived) evernote iOS share by eMail disfunction


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Dear all,


I have a displeasing problem on my iOS devices with EN: the share by eMail function is greyed out and whilst I can attempt to send notes via eMail they arrive only empty without text or the note that I was trying to send.


Share by eMail works fine from my Win8 desktop version.


After updating to iOS7 I have re-installed EN once to cope with some synch problems on both iPad and iPhone already.


Is the eMail disfunction a temporary problem or will I have to run the de-install / install process again?


I must say that I really like the new iOS7 EN product and greatly appreciate the product build by the evernote team. Thats one reason why I am glad to pay for it as a premium user. But since the update it seems that things are running out of hands with new versions introduced to a myriad of other plattforms at the same time, in turn limiting the available manpower / capacity to get things working 100% on each individual plattform. I do hope that this is a temporary state and that things, i.e. product quality, will be back to normal once the EN team had the time and focus to fix the bugs.


Aside from that peripheral plunge into my opinion, could anyone help with the problem described above?


Much appreciated!





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