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(Archived) Evernote lite version.

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Alright, I am in love with Evernote. I use it for practically everything. I almost turn to google Keep. but, came back.. due to some reasons.


However, current Evernote application is too heavy. 


I am using overly outdated device for my mobile device. Sad but It's still functioning so i can't throw it away... (unless..... ) but i am guessing many others would have phone just like mine. outdated, and hate that the thing works.


back to subject. this old device is having hard time loading this App. as well as loading from cloud server. Crashes occasionally and lags


Learned from some blogs i read, the symptoms will be worsen, if i gather more "notes".


Even though the app looks awesome and stuff. i'd like it to have... well lighter operation requirement.


I am not a developer, but less graphics and less.. well functionality, the apps could be lighter so i, and other *****-smartphone-havers would benefit and does not search for other note writing Environment. 

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