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(Archived) Lots Of Updates Lately But...

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...no progress on any of the things I really want. On my iPhone I'd like to have all my notes automatically be favorites and stored on the phone, I wouldn't take a note that wasn't a favorite and there is always a chance, given ATT's coverage, that I'll need to access that note off line. Second, if all notes are stored locally, I'd like the app to bring up local notes immediately and look for new notes in the background while I search, read or write to the local notes. Its very embarrassing to be with a coworker, have them ask a question and then have it take 2-3 minutes while I open the ap, look through the notebooks (you need a better way to change notebooks too) and get the information. And what about an option for a more compact presentation of the notes on the iPhone screen, say one line per note with the title, tags and date, so we can see more than 4 on a single screen. On the topic of rich text editing, what about giving us the option to keep or ditch the formatting when we clip text in the desktop client that way if we think we will be editing the note we can choose to save it plain text.

One last thing. I know you are probably deeply committed to this idea but the continuous roll of paper paradigm does not work well. I prefer the presentation in the web interface and would use it all the time if it had all the other features of the desktop (like encryption and resizing pictures). Just let me have a list of notes in the top pane and the selected note, by itself (or a new note) in the bottom pane. And how about letting me give a new note a title before I start writing it so I don't have to change the title after writing the first line.

Don't get me wrong. All your effort is appreciated. But some of this stuff, especially how long it takes to see notes on the iPhone, even on a wifi connection, is driving me crazy. Show me the local data real fast, then sync.

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