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I use notebooks often as a source to knowledge covering special topics, e.g. Data Mining

For this reason, the notes wihtin a notebook are not independent, and I want to link the notes to give structure to all the notes.

Due to the fact that I'm some kind of digital nomad, I need this feature on my iOS powered devices and on my windows laptop.

And of course I want to link my notes across different notebooks. This topic is a little more complicated due to the fact, that not all users (shared notes or shared notebooks) of the note have access to the "remote" note. For this reason there should be two kind of links:

a) the keep it private link: before accessing the "remote" a check has to be made if the current user has access to the note

B) the share the note link: give access to the remote note, but just to the note and not the complete notebook.


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