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(Archived) Export Notes - Ghost menu box and cannot proceed

Jon Pratt


Hi Forum!


Sorry i am new poster - if this topic is posted some other place then i am very sorry .... but this is driving me so mad i have to resort to asking the community for help..


When i got to export notes from Evernote (v5.30 latest from the app store) > the export dialogue box is mis formed and appears almost like a ghost at the bottom left of the screen  :huh:


All i see is some ghost text, the two option drop down to choose HTML or ENEX format type and a check box (when i choose ENEX format)


I don't have any way to confirm the export, i cannot read the message properly - I can see a little more when i swipe down on OSX and use app expose but still i cannot complete the export.


Was hoping i could easily export my notebook contents to Excel from Evernote - but i read this is impossible without manual work, and now even the manual work, (export as HTML and import into Excel) seems impossible due to this stupid ghost message box issue.


I spoke to Evernote support over chat, who were not very helpful as all they said was "it works for us" ... and then i have to say "ok thanks i will try to fix on my own .." but i cannot  :angry:


Any idea's?


Screen shot of the funny (not so much) ghost menu window is attached to the post




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to update my post a bit further > seem the same UI malfunction is occuring when i also try to import notes .... Another Ghost menu box appears bottom left of my screen with just a sad lonely check box floating on my desktop ... no text, nothing.


For reference - OSX is version 10.8.5 and EVN is version 5.30 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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