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(Archived) Note editing not working in EN5 on iOS6

Ted Shoemaker

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I am releatively new to EverNote, but am liking it mostly.  However today I hit a problem of being unable to edit (or create) notes on my iPhone.  I am running EN v5.4.3 on iOS v6.1.4 on an iPhone 5.  I am holding off updating to EN7 on iOS7 on general principles, as well as the many problems listed elsewhere in these forums.  Two manifestations of my problem:


1.  I open an existing note to edit.  I tap on the screen where I want to edit.  A tiny keyboard icon appears at bottem right of note.  I tap the icon, which then disappears.  I tap the place where it was, nothing happens.  I tap text again and the icon reappears.  I tap the icon again, and it disappears.  The cycle repeats.  I exit the note and there has been no change.


2.  I press the + in the upper left corner and a new blank note appears.  The is no subject since I disabled the automatic subject option.  I tap in the subject box.  A full keyboard appears at the bottom of the screen.  I tap keys, but nothing appears on the subject line.  I tap the small keyboard icon just the the right above the screen icon.  The keyboard disappears but the icon drops to the lower right.  If I tap it, it disappears.  I exit the note, but can find no way to delete it in EN5.  I can delete it later on my Windows EN.  I again tap the + for a new note, but skip the subject line and tap directly in the text body area.  The subject line area disappears and I have a large blank area for text with the small keyboard icon in the lower right.  I tap the icon and it disappears.  I tap the body text area again and a cursor appears, but no keyboard, just the blue icon reappearing in the lower right.  Tap the icon, it disappears along with the text entry icon.  I can close the empty note.  It is saved, but again, I have to delete the saved version on my Windows version. 


So I haven't used EN a lot, but have been starting to use it frequently for trip planning for an overseas trip my wife and I are planning.  I think I was able to both create and edit notes on the iPhone previously.


What's up with this?  Thanks.


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