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(Archived) (Archived) Uploading document photos from iPhone 5c - notes stop being created


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Happened twice today:


-I'm ploading document photos from iPhone into new notes in Evernote

-I'm able to create 3 to 4 notes with photos - they sync instantly, appear on both iPhone and Evernote web

-Evernote seems to hit some kind of barrier after 3 to 4 new notes created; after this I hit "save" and the note just doesn't appear; it's as if I never created the note and took the photos at all.  The new note is not visible anywhere in Evernote.

-The photos I took for the new notes are visible in my Photos on the iPhone, so it's not an iPhone problem.   I can try to create new notes later and re-attach the images, but there is a lot of time wasted trying to determine the original sequence of the images.


I am nowhere near my upload limit and am a Premium user.  The file sizes I'm uploading are not large.


Anyone have advice?  This is an absolute bummer for me trying to upload any real quantity of digitized documents, very frustrating.  Over time it could be a deal-breaker for Evernote premium. 


Haven't heard back from Evernote support yet, contacted them this morning.

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