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(Archived) (Archived) Frequent Sign In on iOS 7

Speed Racer

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Prior to iOS 7, I was always logged in when I opened the Evernote iPhone app.  Now, every 2 or 3 times I open it, I am taken back to enter my user name/password.  Very frustrating, and makes me not want to continue using it just as I was starting to use it more.  Anyone know a way to stay signed on?

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After posting, I found this:

"iOS 7 seems to be logging users out of certain apps, namely Mailbox and Snapchat, reports The Verge, which confirmed the issue with Mailbox. While Apple hasn’t acknowledged the bug publicly, Mailbox believes it has to do with the way iOS 7 handles background refreshing. The company removed this in a Mailbox app update that it says “drastically reduces the likelihood“ of logouts occurring. The full list of afflicted apps is unknown, but may include PayPal, Evernote and YouTube. How to fix: check with the app’s vendor to see if there’s an update available or in the offing until Apple issues a fix."

So, possibly this is Apple's problem and not Evernote's. Is there a fix coming soon?

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