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(Archived) Evernote Mac 5.3.0 - "Hide Toolbar" not preserved across sessions



With the recent Evernote 5.3.0 update, the "Hide Toolbar" setting is not retained across application launches. I prefer to keep it hidden as it's not customizable and isn't very useful as a result (I only show it when I need to search, then hide it again).


Nothing earth-shattering, but please fix. :)

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We're up to 5.4.3 and this still hasn't been addressed. I realize it's low priority (if I didn't realize it before, I sure do now), but it's also an extremely simple bug to fix. Serialize the variable and read it back in - we're talking a single boolean, and one that used to be properly managed at that. This is the type of thing you toss to an intern as a "get your feet wet in the code" type of project, and shouldn't be a distraction from other efforts.

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