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(Archived) Evernote does not sync from MacBook to iPhone

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my Mac does not sync documents with my iPhone as it used to do. I read some discussions here that said I should sign in on the website and check if the documents are on the server.


The one particular document I am looking at was updated on September 3, 13 in the Evernote application. On my iPhone the latest version is dated May 17 but input is there done by May '13.  And stragely enough the document on the Server is dated October 22, 12 but when you open it the content is there including May '13 but not the updates I made until September '13.


I am enclosing two screenshots from Server and app.post-153264-0-43429200-1379952642_thumb.post-153264-0-60429800-1379952655_thumb.


Any tips what I can do to get the data onto the phone?





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