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(Archived) automatically save to a note book based on location

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like a lot of you i use evernote for my job and personal life and sometimes my notes get mixed.


since my office is mainly where i make work notes, is there a gps setting that when im at my office  it will save new notes to a pre determined notebook and when im out of work it switches back to my default notebok


thanks before hand

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I do not think this option is currently available, but I think that this would be a fantastic addition!!

For example, I create notes at home, the office, my parents house, church - all of which are basically 'location-based notebooks'.

On a similar note, it would be good to have new notes made from specific appointments in my calendar to be directed to certain notebooks.

This could all work just the same way that the stickers in moleskin and post it notes are setup to go into specific notebooks.

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It's an interesting idea. Until such time as Evernote might chose to implement it, you could use a tag, such as "Work", "Home", "Church", etc and then simply do a search on those tags. If you saved the search, you wouldn't even necessarily need to move them to a different notebook.

Best of luck.

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