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A small suggestion -- management of pictures on right side of topic in Evernote

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This is just a small suggestion --



I sometimes copy articles from newspapers or magazines into my Evernote.


The articles often have pictures embedded in them. If the pictures are not really relevant to the topic at hand, I generally delete them after I copy/paste.


However, the deleted pictures still appear on the right side of the "Topic List" (much reduced in size of course), even after they'd been deleted from the actual Evernote article itself. This is pretty annoying to me... 


Also, relatedly, is it possible to design a system where the user can specify which picture appears on the right of the Topic List? This is relevant for postings with multiple pictures or graphics.


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I have the same request... I would like to be able to choose which picture will be showed in the list of notes, so I can easy find a note by its picture. (I am a picture thinker and forget all the time about tags etc).

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