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Mass UnCheck To-Do List



On the windows version of Evernote I was able to mass uncheck all the to-do boxes. I am having trouble finding this option on my new mac computer. Does it not exist? If not, can someone recommend another program where you can mass uncheck all the to-do's? I need a program that I can use every week for the same tasks, and manually unchecking 50+ tasks a week takes too long.. 

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In the Mac client you can't directly uncheck ToDo list items, but you can "unToDo" them.  To try this, highlight all of one of your items and click the "ToDo" icon at the top of the panel.  This will completely turn off ToDo for that item; it will become just an ordinary line.  Now, still highlighted, click the ToDo icon again.  This makes the line a ToDo again, and now the box is unchecked.


This is a little clunky, but with a list that is all ToDos, it's almost as quick (Cmd A selects everything, then click, click).  You can also highlight sections of ToDos (click, shift-click at the end) or individual lines (triple-click).


Unfortunately, selecting everything in Android doesn't get the checkbox itself, so this won't work... :(



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Thanks for the Mac Tip, Ted... Yes, it would be better if there was a "uncheck" option rather than "unToDo" by toggling the ToDo on and off. I have a note with a morning routine, an evening routine, and routines for each day of the week, so each morning I copy the note from the previous day, then have to highlight each section individually and toggle the ToDo option, up to three highlight and toggle actions per day.


+1 for the Feature Request List, if anyone is listening :-)

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