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teaching Evernote in Education Series

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Hi Everyone,


I am Bec, one of Evernote's Education Ambassador's. 


I have recently started a new series on my blog with tips and ideas for teachers interested in learning about Evernote and the best ways for them to use it in the classroom. You can access the series on the Evernote page on my blog, along with many other blog posts of tips and ideas-




I often get asked about how I organise my notes and notebooks in Evernote. I created an infographic to share how I do this. The infographic is just my way, I am sure many teachers do it differently- that is the beauty of Evernote...the way it works for me can be completely different to the way it works for someone else! 






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Thank you very much Bec.

Your work is always incredible.


I am recommending your posts to teachers in Sydney continuously.

Keep up the great work.

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Thanks for sharing these ideas. I am always looking for yet another way to use Evernote. I exposed many teachers to this tool over the summer in workshops. They love it.

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