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(Archived) Accountant tip for evernote

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I start using evernote business after seeing how awesome evernote had change professional work life. As accountant we used a lot of spreadsheet like Microsoft excel. one note 2013 had add embedding features , I m trilled with its launch, yet to try. Currently, I attached all my work paper of excel n word in a NOTE, which is great, because I shared with my team n have no more issue to search which is the latest version. However I could not open all file same time within a NOTE. Therefore, I always drag out the file to desktop n work on it n saved. End of business day, drag back in the NOTE. It work fine for me.

Hope someone could share tip with me that:

MS excel embed into Onenote, then this onenote file can attached into NOTE. Is this practise work.? If yes, it is a saviour to all small accounting firm.

why embed excel to one note important to me?

In evernote or Onenote, accountant can't setup formula, link table, generate income expenditure schedule.

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