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Evernote and Pocket


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I dump a lot of long reads into Pocket, which I later read offline. As I read, I'd like to copy passages and send them to different Evernote notebooks. When I highlight a passage of text, I'm given the option to either copy or share. When I choose share, I'm given several more options, including send to friend, tumblr, buffer, and Evernote. When I choose Evernote, though, only the link and title of the article show up in my folder. I've also used the share arrow in the upper right corner of the Pocket reader, which gives the same share options. I


1) I'm a very new ipad user. Is this the optimal way to read long articles and send passages and notes about what I'm reading to my notebooks? (I find the reading experience more pleasant in Pocket than Evernote's webclipped files.)


2) When I read offline, Pocket says it's sending the notes I share into a queue. But they never turn up in Evernote. Not even when I'm back online and hit the sync buttons in each app. What happened to those notes?


Thanks for any advice.


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