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Importing into Evernote


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I use a product called Web Research Professional (http://www.macropool.com/en/products/webresearch/professional/) which allows me to cpature web pages, much like Evernote does.  I've been using it for quite some time and I am looking for a way to import this data into Evernote.  Web Research allows me to export as an MHT, in the original HTML or as a CHM file.


The problem is that when I try to import an HTML, Evernote will only import a URL.


Does anyone know of another way to import?




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I understand your problem, but i guess that in the current scenario, this issue of incompatibility between Different note taking apps continues to exist. I dont think there is a standard format for interoperability between Evernote, MS One Note, Google Keep or the likes. There are however one or two third apps like (EvernoteToOne Note converter) which claim to retain existing organization structures, I havent tried them though. Good Luck on finding them .
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Thanks for the reply.  I have seen a few Evernote to ***  but hardly anything that will take *** to Evernote.  It may turn out that I'll just have to run the two side by side.  I'll keep looking.

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