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(Archived) Feature Request: Enhance Linking

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This feature request is to add a more robust linking feature. An example of this might be the Jira issue tracking system where you are allowed to create multiple links per issue; however, for each link, you can specify what "TYPE" of link you are adding. For example, one might add a link that is categorized as "related". This means, the link between two issues (i.e. notes in the case of Evernote) links them in terms of them being related to one another. Another type of link can be categorized as one issue being dependent on another. The "dependent" link in Evernote would make sense in terms of task oriented notes.


For Evernote, the "related" link could also play a part in informing the "Related Notes" feature. Currently, I'm not sure how this feature infers "Related Notes"; however, being able to have some influence over it would be a nice bonus.


Real World Use Case:

Writing a book series. Each book in the series has it's own note. The top-level book series note should contain a link pointing to each book in the series. For example, if there are 5 books in the series, the main note should contain 5 "related" links.


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