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Cant export PDF to Penultimate from Evernote

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So one of the things I would like to do is annotate PDF using Penultimate on my iPad....So I figured Id just export the PDF from Evernote, review it ( annotate ), and it would sync back to my evernote app.  THen I would take that synced file and insert it to one of my notes....


A.  Does this sound like the easiest / most efficient way of doing this?

B.  Penultimate does not show up as one of the app I can export to.  I have 4 screens of apps I can use but Penultimate is not one.  THe 4th page isnt full so Its not becuase I have too many apps.....I already deleted pen ultimate, reinstalled, restarted apps, etc.


Any help would be apreciated




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