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(Archived) save tweets in Evernote

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I use Evernote a lot to save tweets (through 'sharing') directly from my Twitterapplication (on Android). 

Since last night, this doesn't work anymore.


All it does now, is save a link to the tweet, saying something like "check out this tweet from @username.... (link)".

I save quotes, poems, that sort of stuff, and I want the text, not the link. It's sort of an 'inspirational book', so direct acces to what it says is necessary.


Any thought on how it got lost and preferably, how to get this feature back?




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Twitter has been increasingly restricting the way tweets can be shared. I used to use ifttt.com to archive all of my tweets. They prohibited that. You might see if a different twitter app will do what you want. On my iPhone, TweetBot still emails the whole tweet. Don't have my Android phone to hand to check it. However, there are lots of great twitter clients in the Play Store.

Best of luck.

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