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(Archived) Quick Dump of Bookmarks

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If you want to import all your bookmarks from Firefox in 10 seconds then here's what you do:

(this might not be as fast if you don't already have a drop folder:

In Evernote

  • (1)Account Properties (alt t a)
    (2)File Import Folder Tab (this is on you to setup how you want it)


Okay here's the beef and the cheese:

In Firefox

  • (1)Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks (ctrl+shift+:)
    (2)Import and Backup > Export HTML (alt i e)
    (3)Save that file to your drop folder
    (4)There is no 4, you're done. Now you have all your Firefox bookmarks in one note on Evernote.
    And its just as easy to get around as your bookmarks on Firefox, so if its not that easy,
    well you should use the bookmark organizer more often.

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