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(Archived) Better support for images....please.



I love so much about this product, but its treatment of images, and its visual design in general keep me from being able to move to it completely.  


Some examples:


Recipes - Sometimes I like to flip through them to find something interesting.  Even in card view the pictures are small and cramped.  Even worse, the title usually hides the top of the image.  


I have a notebook for home ideas and a notebook for drawing and painting ideas.  Again, card view is too small and the title blocks the top of the image.  


Notebook covers - my god they are boring.  The only thing more boring is the drab grey of list view.  I wish I could personalize them.


Evernote is my hands-down choice for recording texted based info.  Everything else I still keep in Springpad because it treats images better.  I wish I could have everything in one place......here.

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