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(Archived) XML Help? Importing data from Excel into Evernote

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Hello everyone,
I woule LOVE it if someone could take a look at my coding and see if they can figure out why I am getting an error message (Could not import notes, error COMMIT_FAILED) when I try to import a .enex file.
Basically, I have a Excel Spreadsheet with 10,000 rows of data. I am attempting to import each row of data as a seperate note into Evernote. The catch is that I created a template in Evernote, so that all of my imported notes have the same style and lists and check boxes etc.
So, I exported the template out of Evernote, and inserted it into Sheet 2 of the Excel file with all of my data. A macro was built, which takes the data from each row in Sheet 1, and populates it into the template. So in essence, after the macro is done running, Sheet 3 will have 10,000 rows of data, which is the data from sheet 1 combined with the exported template.
Then, I have a separate excel file that runs a macro to export in information into a .enex file, which I can import into Evernote.
MY PROBLEM: This process works, as I can export the Note title and blank templates out and into a .enex file, BUT when i use the data that has been run thru the macro, and then proceed to export it as .enex and upload into evernote, it gives me a error message.
This makes me believe there is some kind of error in the code from the CopyData macro, or just a slight XML error somewhere that ruins the .enex format.
There are 5 files attached.
1 - Excel File 1 - CopyDataMacro (This file takes my raw data, and populates it into my template.)
2 - Excel File 2 - Evernote Import Macro (This has the blank template that I had originally created in Evernote and exported out.)
3 - Excel File 3 - Evernote Import Macro (This has the template with the macroed data that will not import into Evernote.)
4 - evernote-import.enex  This file uploads into evernote with no problem.
5 - evernote-import2.enex  This file gives me an error message when trying to import.
Again, I would be very grateful if someone could help me out here, as I am not much of a programmer.
(Actually, the forum won't allow me to upload excel or .enex files, link below is to my dropbox)



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